dhokla or khaman, khandvi, thepla, farsan or khakra, mathiya, chivda dabeli, handvo, fafda jalebi,mohanthal or the doodhpak or basundi,Gujarati kadhi, undhiyu 


Momos and thukpas are widely consumed across Sikkim as is sel roti and til chutney while dhindo and sha paleys are other ethnic dishes that make up the cuisine of Sikkim..

Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabadi biryani, Rasams, idlis and dosas also are important food components of Andhra Pradesh 


Goan fish curry or its prawn dishes, rice is essentially relished with such preparations even as pork dishes
.Bebinca and baath cake are the most popular Goan desserts


Macha ghanta and chungdi malai are fish based preparations, besala and santula are veggie delights while chenna poda and chenna jhili are extremely popular sweets from this eastern of India.

Arunachal Pradesh

chicken and pork, vegetables cooked in tender bamboo widely relished by people in and outside the state. local rice beer Apong are other very unique foods


Dhuskas, rugra is a mushroom based sabzi often served with rice or poori. litti chokha and thekua, dudhauri Indian favorite sweet Kalakand that is perhaps Jharkhand’s


khaar and tenga, 
khaar dish made of lentils or veggies or fishes and even pork or you can combine lentils and veggies- both exotic and commonplace- to churn up a dish that is so simple to make


Sappadu is the customary feast while pongalChicken Chettinad, dosasa, vadas, appams, rasams are also prominent components of the food

west Bengal

maaser kaalia, ilish maccher muitha dominating the palate.
Bengal is also particularly well know for its sweets from the rasgulla to the mishti doi, from sandesh to payesh

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