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10+ Best Short Stories pdf for kids with moral

Best Short Stories for kids with moral pdf

Stories for kids are perhaps the best approach to teach them life lessons. You may teach children morals and values without coming across as preachy when you take the storytelling route. So why not cook up some interesting short moral stories for kids to have a fun learning experience. Best short story in English, English Story, Easy moral story in English, Moral stories for kids in English for competition, Short Bedtime Panchatantra Stories, Short Stories for Children,

આ પોસ્ટની અનુક્રમણિકા

Golden windows – Short Stories

Little Molly lived in a small beautiful town. Her tiny house is constructed on the banks of a beautiful river, near the mountain. She was the only daughter for her parent. Although they weren’t very rich, they lived happily.

Her house was surrounded by huge trees and beautiful plants. It was a single bedded house, made of woods. Molly did not like her house very much. She felt that the house was too small and not very neat. Little molly was very fond of the mountain. The steep and sloppy mountain had a beautiful but abandoned castle like home with golden windows.

Yes, she liked the home on top of the mountain because of the glittering golden windows. The windows sparkled and glazed so beautifully that little Molly was completely mesmerized.

She went crazy for that the glittering golden windows and she started to hate her home more.

However, little Molly was so sweet and she understood the struggles her family undergoing. So she accepted everything silently. Still her desire went on growing.

Years passed by and she grew up quickly. She became 12 years and looked very beautifully like a golden princess. She believed that she is supposed to live in a house with golden windows, not in an old wood house.

As she grown older, her mom allowed her to move around her house. It was holidays for Molly and she requested her mom that she wanted to wander in the garden near the river. Her mom also agreed and told her not to go so far.

Molly decided to climb the mountain and peek into the house with the golden windows.

She took her bicycle and started her journey towards reaching the top of mountain. She found a narrow road in the mountain towards the abandoned home in the mountain. With so many struggles, she reached the top of the mountain.

She was so shocked to see the dirtiest house, in fact the damaged castle with dark windows. What she used to see from her home wasn’t there in the mountain. Yes, the golden windows she saw from the lap of the mountain were in fact the reflection of the dark and dirty windows.

She was very upset and sat quietly for some time as she lost words. Her desire got vanished. Suddenly, she looked at her home. A window in her was shining like gold. She realized that the sun rays reflecting in the water makes the window glows.

The truth was she lived in her dream home, the home with beautiful golden windows. She realized it too late. What she dreamt for years just vanished away.

So understand that all glitters are not gold!

Cinderella Best Classic English Stories Collection
Cinderella Best Classic English Stories Collection


The Story of Thumbelina

Once upon a time, a simple and kind hearted woman lived carrying one desire in her mind. She had only one simple dream. Her dream was to have a baby girl. Days and months pass by, but her dream did not come true. Her desire to have a little girl grows stronger and stronger.

One day to make her dream come true, she visited a witch. She expressed her desire to have a baby girl. The witch offered a magic barley grain and asked her to plant it.

The Birth of Thumbelina

Although the woman wasn’t happy, she had a hope and planted the magic grain in a flower pot. To her surprise, the very next day, the magic barley grew into a beautiful big flower bud, which appeared like a Tulip!

Mesmerized by the beauty of the flower, she softly and gently kissed the bud. Since it was a magic flower, it blossomed instantly with her kiss on the bud. The woman was greatly surprised as inside the flower sat a tiny and cute little girl, who looked as small as a thumb. The woman named her Thumbelina!

Thumbelina’s life

She became the part of the woman’s life. The woman provided Thumbelina everything she needed. She used walnut shell as her bed, petals of violet flower as her mattress and petals of beautiful roses as her blanket.

Thumbelina played in the petal boat of the tulip and floated on a plate of water. She used two horse hairs as oars to sail around the lake. She had a beautiful voice. She played, floated, rowed the boat and sailed around by singing and singing and singing beautifully!

Thumbelina snatched by a cunning frog

After playing for long time, Thumbelina fell asleep in her walnut shell. As she was sleeping, a huge frog looked at sleeping Thumbelina in the shell through the window. The frog simply gazed at her stunned at her beauty. She thought that Thumbelina would be the right girl for her son and picked her, ran away with her.

Unfortunately, no one noticed Thumbelina snatched by a frog. The large frog carried her to the pond where her family lives. She introduced the beautiful Thumbelina to her ugly and fatty son, who was a momma’s boy. Even the ugly son pleased when he saw her. However, both the mom and son frogs were frightened that the beautiful prisoner may escape from them. Rather than let her ran away from their custody, she put Thumbelina in a water lily and put the lily into the middle of the pond.

Mom and son were happy that Thumbelina won’t be able to escape from there. In the meanwhile they both started preparing for the marriage.

How Thumbelina escaped from the trap?

The bitter talks of two frogs were heard by two minnows that were playing in the pond. They decided to help Thumbelina escape from the trap. The minnows, with the help of a butterfly pushed the lily. The leaf with lily floated far away from the pond and Thumbelina escaped.

Thumbelina encountered many problems

Although Thumbelina escaped from the frogs, she was soon captured by a beetle. However, very soon the beetle freed Thumbelina as she appeared very different.

The summer approached and Thumbelina wandered in grass lands and across the flowers. She hardly found good food to eat. She ate pollen as her meals and dew as her drink. Soon, the rainy season appeared. It made the places nasty. The little girl struggled too hard to find good shelter. Even though she recovered from the heavy water drops of rainy season, the winter made her struggle even more. The winter was terrible and she could not find food.

While she was roaming on the meadows, a big spider offered her help to provide food and shelter. The spider took her to a hollow tree and fed her with chestnuts. When the spider called his family to meet his new friend, the beautiful Thumbelina, others discriminated her as she looked different. She cried loudly and left spider’s home.

Again, she wandered on the cold meadows. She saw a little cottage made of wood and leaves. Thumbelina decided to request help and knocked the door of the little cottage. It was a house of a mouse. The mouse was amazed at the beauty of Thumbelina. She requested him to help her and offer her shelter. The field mouse asked her to stay with him as long as she wishes.

One day, the field mouse brought a friend, a rich mole. Field mouse asked Thumbelina to sing a song and she sang so beautifully and the mouse and the mole were well impressed by her singing. The field mouse ordered Thumbelina to marry the mole as he was very rich. The mouse was so cruel to her and she decided to run away from him. The mole planned for their marriage in the summer.

After a few days, she nursed a swallow bird and gave her food every day. They became closer and the swallow bird shared her story. During the onset of spring, the swallow was completely cured and decided to fly away.

She offered Thumbelina to join her. She made every possible attempt to escape from the mole marrying her. She was thinking and horrified how she going live in a tunnel with mole for the whole life!

Just before a day of her wedding, the swallow asked her to join and spend a day in the sky! Without a second thought, Thumbelina grabbed the finger of the bird. The bird carried Thumbelina over the hills, meadows, plains, and until they reach the flower country.

The country was full of colorful flowers. The swallow gently placed her on a beautiful flower, where she met the king of flower fairies. The king was impressed by her beauty, asked her to marry him and she instantly said YES! She became the queen of flowers.

They lived happily ever after!


kids Moral stories with Moral
kids Moral stories with Moral

Stephen and Bowl of Noodles

Stephen, a 14 year old boy was seen alone in the mid of the road. It was almost 10 pm; he was walking alone on the streets on a breezy night.

He recalled the incident that made him fight with his mother and he moved out of the house like a storm. His eyes were filled with tears.

He had a fight with his mother from morning. His mom inquired about his low grades in the recent exam. Stephen had a careless attitude and did not reply her well. She scolded him in the evening for being so careless. He quarreled with his mother and argued without understanding he was also in fault. The fight ended up so badly that Stephen left his home.

He walked for almost more than 2 hours. He smelled a nice flavor from a shop and was attracted by the sweet smell. He couldn’t resist the smell of that nice flavor and he felt very hungry.

It was a small noodles shop and he stopped by the shop. Suddenly he realized there’s not even a single penny in his pocket. With sad face, he stood there for a minute and decided to leave the place. The shop owner saw him and asked him to have some food.

Stephen told he has no money to pay for the food. The shop owner smiled, said, ‘It’s ok. I don’t ask you any money’ and asked him to eat some food as he looked very tired.

The shop owner prepared a hot bowl of sweet and delicious noodles. Stephen ate the noodles and thanked the shop owner from his heart. He felt that he owes something to the shop owner and promised him that he would return his favor.

Stephen was in tears when he ate the noodles.

The shop owner asked what happened to him and why he cried when he was eating the noodles. Stephen narrated the incident to him, the quarrel with his mother and felt that his mother did not understand him.

The shop owner asked Stephen, ‘Do you feel you owe me something right?’

Stephen said, ‘Yes. Definitely! This is a great help you did for me. I was very hungry as I ate nothing from the noon!’

The shop owner smiled, ‘Good my dear young man! Now think about your mom. She was there with you from the moment you born. In fact she carried you in her. She cooked for you. She played with you. She helped you and consoled you with all her heart in your difficult times. She was there for you when you needed her. Even now, she had fight with you for your goodness. What did she expect? Nothing! Don’t you feel indebted to her?’

Stephen realized his mistake, thanked the shop owner, rushed to his home. He saw his mother standing with tears on their street.

His mother said, ‘where did you go? I was searching for you everywhere I cooked your favorite meal. Come and have it now. You must be so hungry!’

He hugged her and pleaded to forgive him.

Moral: Parental love is unconditional and precious!


A Friend in Need

Suraj was a student in class 5. He was a studious as well as a naught boy. After science class, he was cracking jokes with friends. As soon as his math teacher arrived to the class, he moved back to his place. The class started and the teacher was asking some questions to the students.

And it happened. Suraj wet his pants! He felt very ashamed. He imagined how his classmates would think about him. His wet pants would be the hot topic of the school! His friends would talk about the incident for years. The girls in the class would never look at him as his friend. The boys and girls would never speak with him. He would become the joker for everyone in the class. Suraj’s imagination was going so wild.

The math teacher noticed a kind of uneasiness in Suraj. She was watching him for 10 minutes and saw him in some kind of trouble. Suraj noticed that the teacher watching him and tried to act normal.

He felt that his heart would stop pumping very soon. He silently pleaded to god, ‘Dear god, you have to help me. In 5 or 10 minutes, I will be dead. I really need some help from you. Please come as my savior’.

The teacher again saw that Suraj was uneasy and she looked at him. He smiled at her. Kiran, Suraj’s classmate made a request to let him drink some water. Suddently, Kiran from the back bench took his water bottle and started to move out of the classroom. As he cross Suraj’s desk, he accidentally dropped the water bottle. The cap opened and all water fell on Suraj.

It shocked everyone and teacher rushed to help Suraj. He asked a student to get a towel from staff room.

His friends cleaned the desk and helped him. The teacher asked another student to bring a gym pant for him to wear until his pants get dry. The act of ridicule suddenly became sympathetic. When Kiran tried to help him, he was cornered. The teacher scolded him for being so careless.

And of course, Suraj was so relieved. He looked at Kiran, who stood silently in a corner.

After school, Suraj approached Kiran and thanked him with all his heart. Kiran smiled and said, ‘Hey I know buddy! Because I also experienced the same few months before. I wet my pants!’


Best Moral Stories for Kids in English
Best Moral Stories for Kids in English click here

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Neya and Her Dream

The eight years old Neya lived with her father Rana, Mother Nita and elder brother Rohit. The little family happily lived in a beautiful village surrounded with beautiful nature. The village located on the lap of the mountain, with beautiful views of the snowy mountain. Neya’s house was built nicely and they grow a lot of plants and trees. The family survived on growing seasonal plants and trees. Their life is totally surrounded by the nature and beauty.

While they lived a very happy life, Neya did not love the beautiful atmosphere of the village. She really wanted to move into the city and enjoy the city life. She wanted to shop, move around the city, watch movies, eat in fantasy restaurants and cafes, etc.

However, there was hardly any chance that Neya’s family moves to city as they have everything in the village.

Neya felt asleep during the early noon and she had a sound sleep. Of course, she had a strange dream. She saw her grandmother in her dream as a fairy and her deceased grand mom granted her a wish. Neya requested her that she would love to enjoy the city life as she always desired.

Grandmother understood the desire of Neya, but still wanted to convince her that peaceful village life is better than city life. She told Neya, ‘Baby, you cannot have access to fresh fruits and vegetables from plants as you have at your home. You cannot breathe fresh air. You cannot play with animals. You can hardly find any trees. You will not find peace as you see here! You still want to go to city?’

Neya without hearing the concerns, asked the grandmother to grant the wish. The grandmother granted her wish but with a condition. Neya was told that she would only have 6 hours to spend in the city. Later, she would return back to village. Neya agreed.

Neya found herself in the city with her friends. She went to a movie, ate in a restaurant, shopped in the huge mall and understood everything told by her grandma is true in city. There is no peace, no silence, city life is fast and rushing, she cannot find any animal or even a tree! She realized that her life in the village with her family is more wonderful than the city life. She reached home.

Neya’s brother Rohit was calling her for lunch and she wake up from the sleep and the dream. She recalled the dream and realized that what she having now is abundant and joyful. She shared her dream with her family and they laughed at her. Neya also developed love for plants, animals and nature.

Moral: Love your family, love the animals, and love nature!


100+ Best Moral Stories for Kids in English

Naughty Sonu

Let’s get to know Sonu! He is a sweet but naughty 10-year-old boy. He is mischievous, full of fun and yet very smart. People tend to be careful with Sonu as he outsmarts them easily. Sonu is the typical kid; he could be your kid, your neighbor’s kid, a relative, or just about any kid. Read on to find more about Sonu’s theatricals, tricks, and acts of innocence.

Sonu in the Zoo

Once, during a holiday, Sonu’s father took him to the zoo. His father was explaining everything, and he listened carefully to his father. He was so silent as he was observing everything and listening to each word.

His father told him about the species, food habits, lifestyle habits, activities, etc., of birds and animals. They went to see a tiger. Sonu’s father explained how ferocious and fierce the tigers were.

Sonu listed to all of this very attentively and asked his father, ‘Dad, you told me that tigers are very ferocious animals. What happens if the tiger jumps out of his cage?’

His dad remained silent! Sonu added, ‘Please dad, tell me the way back home, so that I can escape from the tiger, while the tiger is eating you!’

His dad stood still!

A Black Knot

Sonu was so playful that he often forgot many things. Nilu was one of Sonu’s good friends. They were classmates and studied together. During holidays, Nilu often met Sonu in a park.

Once, when they were playing in the park, Nilu saw a black thread tied to Sonu’s wrist. Nilu never saw Sonu wearing any bands or threads on his hand before. Although initially hesitant, Nilu finally asked Sonu why he was wearing a black thread with a big knot!

Sonu said, ‘It was tied by my mother. Since I have this forgetful habit, my mother tied this knot to remind me that I should not forget to post her letter!’

Nilu then asked, ‘Where is the letter, you have nothing in your hand and you are not carrying any bag!’

Sonu laughed and said, ‘My mom forgot to give me the letter that I was supposed to post!’

Both of them found this funny, and were rolling on the ground with laughter!

Sonu And A Beggar

Sonu was participating in a health campaign that highlighted issues on health, hygiene, and cleanliness. He was a volunteer issuing pamphlets about maintaining hygiene to ensure good health to the public. There he saw a dirty man, begging for money.

The beggar approached Sonu. Since he was part of the health campaign, he issued a health pamphlet and started to talk about the cleanliness, as the beggar was very dirty. He told Sonu, ‘Boy, I don’t need your pamphlets or advice. I need money for food!’

Sonu asked the beggar, ‘Why do you beg for money? Don’t you ever get ashamed of begging? It is totally shameful!’

The beggar smiled and said, ‘Dear boy, I feel ashamed of asking for money. But when I took money without asking, the police arrested me and took me to jail!’

Sonu was left speechless!

Mosquito Net

Sonu went to market to buy a mosquito net. He requested the shopkeeper to show him quality mosquito nets. The shopkeeper showed him some best quality nets.

Sonu was a bit confused to pick the right net. After a while, he picked two nets. Sonu asked the shopkeeper to explain about the two nets.

The shopkeeper told him that both are same, except the color and brand. He added that ‘You have picked the best nets. You cannot get better quality nets elsewhere. Not even a single mosquito can enter through the net. You can enjoy undisturbed sleep!’

Sonu was silent and left the place, saying that he would come back.

Sonu’s father asked why he came home without buying a net. Sonu replied, ‘The shopkeeper told me that not even a single mosquito can enter through the net. Since we are bigger than a mosquito, how are we to enter through the net?

Sonu’s father roared in laughter!


The Tale of The Foolish Gardener

At the border of a forest, a landlord had a big garden, which he liked very much. As he couldn’t look after it himself, he appointed a gardener to take care of the garden. The gardener was very faithful, and looked after the garden very well.

However, it was the summer season and he had to water the plants daily. As a result, there was no holiday for him, because, if he ever took leave, even for a day, most of the plants would dry up.

Whenever, he approached the landlord with a request to take even a day off, the landlord would puff up and say, “Who would water the plants in your absence? As there is no one else to water the plants in your absence, I am afraid; I cannot grant you any leave”.

The gardener was frightened and had no reply. And as a result, he had to give up the thought of taking any day off.

And hence the drudgery continued.

One day, as the annual temple festival was to take place in the gardener’s village; he was very eager to go and participate in the festivities. Hence, he decided to take at least one day off, but did not have the courage to face the landlord and ask for a day off. So, he thought all night, and came up with a plan.

He decided to approach a group of monkeys that were staying in a nearby forest. The gardener cautiously approached the leader of the monkeys and told him that he was a gardener, and worked in the big house, bordering the forest. He pointed out to the house and the leader of the monkeys, nodded in acknowledgement.

The gardener said that the house belonged to the landlord, and that he was a cruel and unkind man. He went on to add that the landlord did not give him a single day’s rest.

The gardener then put forth his plight to the leader of the monkeys. He said, “Tomorrow is a big festival in my village, and I wish to go and participate. Can you possibly help me?”

The monkey chief was a bit taken aback, as he had no idea as to how help the poor gardener. He asked the gardener, “In what way, can I or my subjects help you?”

The gardener then laid down his plan. For one day, starting tomorrow, you and your subjects, please look after my work”. He further added that he would provide vessels and pots to all the monkeys, and all they had to do was to take it to the river, fill it, and subsequently water each plant.

The monkey chief, after listening to the gardener’s tale of woe, felt pity for him and said, “Don’t worry, you go and attend your festival, and we shall look after your work”.

The gardener was relieved and happy. He gave some vessels and pots to the monkeys and quickly left for his village to take part in the temple festival.

However, the monkeys had one doubt. They had no idea as to how much water; they should pour on each plant, as they forgot to ask the gardener. So the approached the chief and told them about their problem.

The monkey chief thought for a while and said, “You have to water each plant, according to the length of its root.” His subjects then asked the leader on how they could find the length of the roots. The monkey chief, got a bit angry, dismissed them and said, “Pull out each plant, find out how far the roots have gone in, and put them back and then water each plant accordingly.”

The monkeys’ were awestruck at their chief’s wisdom and they all applauded. The chief, then proudly asked his subjects to get down to work without delay.

The monkeys’ did as advised – they pulled each plant out, saw the length of the roots and planted them back haphazardly, and watered them. Because of this, most of the plants lost their roots in this process and started drying up.

The next day, the landlord came out for a stroll in his favorite garden, and noticed that all his plants had been uprooted, and that they were drying up. He immediately summoned for the gardener. The frightened gardener told the landlord what had happened, and this made the landlord very angry and he immediately dismissed the gardener from his job.

As a result of his foolish act, the gardener lost his job!

“Cinderella” Best Classic English Stories

Jackal and Tiger

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