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100+ Best Moral Stories for Kids in English | Moral stories Pdf Collection

    Best Moral Stories for Kids in English

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    Monster Momo – Moral Stories

    There was a huge forest, located in between a town and a village. The forest was so huge that anyone can miss their way home as the forest has abundance of trees. However, the forest has a park for children in the opening and there was a huge lake located in the middle of the forest. The lake wasn’t visible surrounded by dense trees. And there lived a monster called Momo!

    Momo was a small monster, but he used to eat other monsters. Since Momo’s hunger cannot be satisfied with other monsters, Momo started to eat everything he finds around. Momo had no teeth and it cannot chew the monsters. Momo simply swallow the monsters. Momo looked so big with gigantic tummy.

    One day, three children were found missing. Yes, they missed their way home from park and instead went towards the lake where Momo lived.

    Since Momo was very huge with big tummy, it cannot move faster. It slowly crawls like a baby on the lake. He saw three children and moved towards them. One child saw the Momo and screamed. While the other one was shocked and stood speechless, the third child ran away from the place. Monster Momo swallowed the two kids.

    The third child that ran away finally got his way back home and told his parents that the other two were eaten by Momo. It shocked the people in the town and the parents of missing children were so depressed, nobody was able to console them. People in the town decided not to use the park any more.

    Unaware of this incident, a group of children from the city had their picnic on the other side of the park that was accompanied by a villager. They were playing football and one boy hit the ball so hard and it moved towards the direction where the lake was situated.

    Monster Momo saw the ball at a distance. Since the woods were so bushy, children found it hard to see the ball. Monster Momo after several hard attempts finally moved towards the big ball. As Momo cannot move easily, he bent all the trees and swallowed the ball.

    The monsters and two children who were inside the stomach of Monster Momo saw the big ball arriving. They started to get out of the stomach and pushed the ball so hard. As they pushed the ball, Momo’s stomach inflated like a balloon and with a hard hit, Momo wasn’t able to hold anyone inside and everyone came out of the stomach.

    Monster Momo lost all the weight, he became so light, the tummy became very small and he was able to stand without any support.

    He said sorry to all monsters and children he swallowed. The children reached their home safely and the parents were happy.

    Monster Momo with other monsters then acted as security guard to children.

    kids Moral stories with Moral
    kids Moral stories with Moral


    The Three men and a family

    It was a sunny day. Three old men with long white beard were wandering on the road. They saw a beautiful little house and decided to enter the house.

    The old men knocked the door. A lady opened the door. The old men asked whether they have all members of the family. The lady replied, ‘Me and my mother-in-law are here. My husband and children will be back to home in the evening. Please let me know how can I help you?’

    The old men told her, ‘then we will wait until all members of your family return home.’

    The lady replied, ‘but you look so tired and weak. I will bring you some food. You may have some rest.’

    They said no and ‘no problem dear. We are not hungry and we don’t need anything. We shall wait till evening.’

    All three men were sitting under a tree and relaxing.

    Children reached home after school and the old men talked to them. It was almost 6 pm and the lady again requested the three men to have some drink at least. However, they denied. The woman, her mother in law and children were little suspicious, as they had no clue about who those three men were.

    In an hour, her husband reached home. She told everything happened and asked him to talk to those men. The man invited them to come inside their home. The entire family welcomed the three old men and requested them to get in.

    The first old man told the family, ‘I’m so sorry. All of us cannot come to your home. You have to choose one among us, as we all don’t enter into a house together.’

    The family was confused, while the first men added, ‘I’m LOVE. If you want to have the flow of love and peace for ever in your house, pick me.’ He pointed the second men and said, ‘He is wealth! He will give you enormous wealth.’ Pointing the third men, he said, ‘He is success. He will provide you success in all your attempts.’

    Now you can choose one among us and the person you choose will enter your home, ended the three men.

    The family started discussing about choosing from them. The lady told to invite wealth as they weren’t very rich. However, the man refused and wanted to invite success and prove him to the world that he is very successful in the world.

    Alternatively, the children and the old lady, the grandmother of the kids had a different thought. They wanted to invite love, so that the family will stay happy forever.

    After discussing for some time, the family decided to invite love to fulfill the desire of children and the old lady.

    The entire family approached the three men and invited love to stay with them. By hearing this, all the three old men entered the house happily. All were surprised and they questioned.

    Success told them, if your choice is something other than love, the person you chose will be with you. Wealth added that, just as your choice if Love, success and wealth is accompanied by love. The place filled with love will be filled by abundance prosperity and success.

    Share Love and Choose to Stay Lovable!


    Cinderella Best Classic English Stories Collection
    Cinderella Best Classic English Stories Collection

    A Heart Full of Love – Moral Stories

    Mr. Raj’s family decided to renovate his home. He purchased the home before two and a half years. Since his kids were growing, he and his wife wanted to renovate it.

    They decided to break and open their living room wall. Initially, when Raj bought his house, wooden walls were used as a part of interior decorations. He decided to remove the wooden walls. The wooden walls were removed and he was shocked to see a lizard stuck in the hollow space between the walls.

    He was greatly surprised and wondering how the lizard was there, because the wooden wall was completely sealed and there was no room to move behind the walls. He saw that lizard’s feet was stuck by a nail, which was hammered from outside.

    Raj and his family were really amazed seeing the lizard behind the wooden wall, and felt too bad for it. Mrs. Raj reminded him that they hammered a nail to hang their kid’s photo. However, they all had a question that now how the lizard survived for up to now without moving from the place.

    The family decided to wait for some time and see the magic how the lizard with nail stuck on its feet survived for several months without moving. The obvious question is how the lizard survived without food as it could not move.

    While they were arranging other things, they had an eye on another lizard. Raj’s son shouted in a while, ‘Dad look here!’

    Another lizard appeared carrying the food in the mouth. Yeah, that was a real surprise. The lizard fed food to the one stuck in the wall. This act was so heart touching and everyone was so amazed at the lizard for feeding the stuck one for long time without getting tired. Both the lizard carried the hope of surviving all odds and emerging from the difficult situation.

    Both the lizards had never ending hope on each other and carried heart full of love and care. The little creature is blessed to carry such a wonderful heart and brilliance. Why not we the human beings, the mammals with six sense and bestowed with luxuries of life carry love and care in our hearts, rather than hatred?

    Share love, care well. Sharing is caring.


    Best Short Stories for kids with moral pdf
    Best Short Stories for kids with moral pdf

    Elephants and a Rope – Moral Stories

    Suri was a sweet boy and a wildlife lover. He was fond of elephants, the mammoth animals. In fact he was very crazy about elephants. However, he never had a chance to see real elephants. All he saw those mammoth creatures were only in television and computers. He lived in a small town. The place he lived didn’t provide him a chance to visit the elephants. All his only desire was to see and touch at least an elephant before he die. Fortunately, when he was 25 years he got a chance to join a crew of wildlife lovers.

    He enquired them about their plans and with eagerness, he asked whether they would take him to see the elephants. And they said yes.

    The journey happily began and they visited various places. Suri was so happy and enjoyed the tour to the core. He was waiting for years to visit the elephants in real life and the day came.

    As they passed through the forests, they walked past a beautiful village. One from the team said that the village had more than 100 elephants and Suri could enjoy the entire day in that village. There was nothing in the world that could measure Suri’s happiness hearing those words.

    Finally he saw those elephants for the first time in his life. He was amazed to see the elephants and screamed happily.

    After spending two to three hours just seeing the elephants, he was shocked to see those elephants tied to a frail fence. It was a thin rope, not even a chain and there was no cage or any kind of shelter where the elephants lived. Instead, there were simple sheds without any doors.

    Suri was surprised as he knew the strength of elephants and saw them tied to strong chains in the television. He enquired one of the countrymen about why they were left freely without any protection and also asked ‘won’t they easily break the rope?’

    The trainer answered Suri, ‘They won’t’

    Suri was surprised and asked how?

    The trainer replied, ‘They were trained here since their childhood. When they were babies we used to tie them with a strong rope and the kid elephants weren’t able to break them. The rope or chain we used to tie them when they were small. It was strong enough to hold them. A few elephants would try to break the rope or chain, but could not set them free. So as they grew, they developed a false belief that the small and thin ropes were too strong for them to break and they continued to get tied by their belief!’

    Suri was amazed as well as shocked. The powerful mammoth wasn’t strong enough mentally to get them free from a thin rope.

    However, he left the place as he was happy to see the elephants.

    Our lives are like the elephant’s false beliefs. We follow the false beliefs we experience and fail to try out something just because we did not accomplish it earlier.


    The Donkey on Wheels – Moral Stories

    There was once a poor little donkey on wheels. It had never wagged its tail, or tossed its head, or said, “Hee-haw!” or tasted a tender thistle. It always went about, anywhere that anyone pulled it, on four wooden wheels, carrying a foolish knight, who wore a large cocked hat and a long cloak, because he had no legs. Now, a man who has no legs, and rides a donkey on wheels, has little cause for pride; but the knight was haughty, and seldom remembered his circumstances. So the donkey suffered sorely, and in many ways.

    One day the donkey and the knight were on the table in front of the child to whom they both belonged. She was cutting out a little doll’s frock with a large pair of scissors.

    Mistress, said the knight, this donkey tries my temper. Will you give me some spurs?”

    Oh, no, sir knight, the child answered. “You would hurt the poor donkey; besides, you have no heels to put them on.

    “Cruel knight! exclaimed the donkey. “Make him get off, dear mistress; I will carry him no longer.

    “Let him stay, said the child, gently; “he has no legs, and cannot walk.

    “Then why did he want spurs?”

    Just the way of the world, dear donkey; just the way of the world.

    “Ah! sighed the donkey, “some ways are very trying, especially the world’s;“ and then it said no more, but thought of the fields it would never see, and the thistles it would never taste.


    100+ Best Moral Stories for Kids in English

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